May 7, 2016 mikeyang10

Oona’s Cake Smash Photo Session

Oona Cake Smash

Pictured above is Oona. She’s the beautiful daughter of John and Noy.  I had a family photography session them when Oona was 3 months old. 3 months later, her mother reached out to me for another photo session at Piedmont Park. Today, I had the privilege of capturing her first cake session near Buckhead, Ga.

I arrived at their condo and was greeted by the three of them plus the grand parents of Oona. We walked over to a nearby fountain, where we would take our first shots. Oona had on a pretty tulle skirt and a wonderfully crafted boho flower headband. She was happy and smiled for almost all of her shots. It did help that she didn’t recognize who I was because her always were usually on me.

After the shots by the waterfall, we walked over to a green patch of grass. Noy laid the picnic blanket down and Oona down. Oona’s grandfather placed the cake in front of Oona and we waited for her to demolish the sweet pink cake in front of her.

We watched and waited as she sat in front of the cake. She showed no interest at all. Most 1 year olds would immediately reach for the cake just out of curiosity. Not Oona, though.

After a minute of no action, I asked Noy to dab some icing on Oona’s lips. I thought that the sweet taste would trigger Oona to want to eat the cake. Nope. She immediately spat the icing out and started to cry. The cake smash session was a fail.

cake smash fail

Just because the cake smash session was a fail, it didn’t have to mean that the childrens photography session had to be a fail also. We still made the most of the situation. We walked over to a nearby pond and watched as Oona interacted with the geese and fishes. It was obvious that the outdoors was her natural safe haven. She was most comfortable as she walked the banks of the pond. That’s where we were able to take the photos on this blog. I hope you guys enjoy these photos.

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