Who is Michael Yang Photography

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Mike the Photographer

I inherited the love of photography from my dad. During family vacations, my dad would pause our hikes to stop at every flower patch or large rock for family photos. I still remember watching him rewind film, putting new film in, and making room for him to stand as he attempted to outrace the camera timer.

As I grew older, the church youth group forced me to be the historian because my dad had a digital SLR camera (it was rare back then). I spent a few years just snapping away aimlessly, not knowing that this would soon become my love.

In my college years, I needed a hobby. It was easy to pick up photography because my dad already had a Canon camera and a nifty-fifty. It also helped that the girl that I had a crush on, who eventually became my wife, was into photography too. So, I never loved photography but I continued to pursue it because I tried to impress a girl.

10 plus years later and I find myself love the art and doing photography part-time. I’ve experimented with the art, tried to emulate many styles, and have settled upon what makes me most happy: documentary & lifestyle.

Mike During the Day

Who is Michael Yang when he’s not behind the camera? Well, he is:

  • lucky to have married the love of his life, Faith
  • a father to the first teenage 1-and-a-half year old girl named Parker Jahia Yang
  • a cheesehead
  • a college drop out
  • a digital marketing manager
  • a member of Alliance Community Church and a believer in Christ Jesus
  • an admin on the famous Hmong Photographers group on Facebook
  • a foodie, yet somehow a picky eater
  • a sucker for sweets

That sums up who I am. If you would like to ask me any questions, feel free to contact me here.

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