February 4, 2017 mikeyang10

Helping Out the Cool Cats

Kitty Conserve Cat ShirtHow It Started

I received a phone call one morning at 7am. I was expecting an employer call that day but didn’t think they would call that early. “Hello,” I said in amy pretend awake voice.

“Hey, I saw you on instagram. Do you want to collab?” -@kittyconserve

That’s how it started. This company, Kitty Conserve, found me on IG and wanted to collaborate. Kitty Conserve is a t-shirt company that intends to sell shirts in order to help raise funds for the adoption of homeless and shelter cats. The CEO talked to me about the cause and said that he was a start-up. As a matter of fact, it just started. He needed photos to help with the marketing, branding, and website. We agreed on a few terms and I told him I would be able to shoot in a few weeks. I knew who I wanted to shoot with already. A few hours later, I texted @Shiiannes and asked if she would be up for a shoot. You can see the last photoshoot here.

Kitty Conserve

Day of the Shoot at McDaniel Farms Park in Duluth, GA

So, I met with @kittyconserve at 4:30pm at a local park in Duluth, GA. @Shiiannes also met us there at McDaniel Farms Park. We walked about a half-mile until we reached the destination, which was a big open field. It was golden-hour, so the sun was just about right. The only problem was that the sun was hidden behind the trees. Other than that, everything else was perfect. As we were shooting, @kittyconserve asked me if he could invite over a friend to model a few more cat shirts. I was fine with that, but his model got lost and arrived as the sun was already half way down. We had to change locations to adjust to the light. Here were some of the results: