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May & Charlie Moua

The day could have easily been a disaster. We planned to shoot in Blowing Rock, NC right off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The day before, it was 65 degrees and the weather was perfect. The night before our shoot, I received an alert on my phone that we were expecting 25+ MPH winds and 32 degree temperatures. It worried, me because we were going to be at the summit of the mountain and we would be getting the brute of the wind and cold temps. This was a destination shoot and we were already at the destination city. The show had to go on.
Charlie, May, and I met the next morning, hiked to the top, and regretted it. It was far too cold and the high winds were dangerous at the top. I am not exaggerating when I say it could have blown us off the cliff. We took about 3 shots at the top and then decided to shoot along the trail.
After shooting along the trail, we drove down where the wind was blocked by the mountainsides and we took a few more photos. The weather didn’t work in our favor but we still had some great shots.


    May + Charlie Moua

  • DATE:

    October 21, 2018


    Post Wedding Portrait Session

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